Milling machines

Made in Korea by a company with more than 30 years experience in machine tools and automation, the DTS Versamill5x is the first full 5 axis milling machine designed from the start as a dental milling machine for the dental laboratory. The Versamill5x combines the benefits of strength, robustness and precision of an industrial 5 axis machining centre with those of the compactness of a tabletop dental laboratory machine.

DTS Versamill5x

The Versamill5x is a versatile machine, capable of machining many dental parts. When combined with appropriate open CAD and CAM software, the Versamill5x will machine copings, crowns, bridges (simple and anatomical), custom abutments, dental bars, implant bridges, superstructures and other dental frameworks. Its versatility extends to the wide range of materials capable of being machined including plastics (e.g. Acrylic, PMMA), Ceramics (e.g.  pre-sintered Zirconia and “glass” ceramics) and metals such as precious metals, medical grade Titanium and Cobalt Chrome. Depending on the part being machined, it can operate in 3 + 1 axis, 3 + 2 axis or continuous 4 or 5 axis modes.

The combination of the rigid machine structure and the 60,000 rpm, 3 KW spindle enables hard and tough materials to be milled, whilst maintaining fine tolerances. With a feedrate over 1,000mm per minute productivity is high and cycle times are low; typically 6 minutes to machine a single copy in Zirconia. Up to 9 cutting tools can be loaded into the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) and the automatic tool length sensor can determine the correct tool length compensation setting as well as detect tool breakages.

The Versamill5x is normally run “wet”, using pure water for flushing the cutter when machining PMMA, Zirconia and glass or using coolant for metals. The 60,000 rpm spindle potentially allows very small cutters (e.g. 0.6mm Ø ball nosed cutters) to be used so that even the finest detail can be machined to a high precision. This makes the machine ideal for machining full contour crowns. Normally parts will require no hand finishing when they come off the machine, other than manual removal of retention pins.

The Versamill5x conforms to DTS’s philosophy of Open Solutions for the dental laboratory. It can be driven by any open CAM system and can utilise material available on the open market. It comes as standard with a fixture compatible with cartridges for holding 98.3mm discs of PMMA and Zirconia, whilst an optional fixture for Titanium and Cobalt Chrome of the same size can be supplied. Fixtures for other shapes and sizes of work piece are available on request.

Easy to Use. The machine is designed to be used by a dental lab technician, not necessarily by an experienced CNC operator! The PC based control has a very simple to use Graphical User Interface and can be configured to almost any language required. A video camera is supplied as standard and can be viewed remotely via the company network or internet to enable visual access to the work piece during machining for monitoring or diagnostics purposes. Key components such as the spindle, servos and drives are standard parts made in Japan and Germany and are easily interchangeable if a replacement is required due to wear or breakage. Therefore, in almost all cases if the machine develops a fault it can be fixed on site and does not necessitate the machine being returned to factory.  The Versamill5x is fully enclosed during milling, ensuring it is safe and clean. The machine is ISO Certified, has a CE Mark, and a Certificate of Compliance, certified by SGS (copy of certificate available on request).


Standard Configuration Specification   Units
Travel Limits X axis 245 mm
  Y axis 110 mm
  Z axis 165 mm
  A axis ±180 degrees
  B axis ±30 degrees
Max. Feedrate X axis 6,000 mm/min
  Y axis 6,000 mm/min
  Z axis 6,000 mm/min
  A axis 30 rpm
  B axis 30 rpm
Spindle Power 3,000 rpm
  Speed Range 2,000 – 60,000 rpm
Recommended max.
Spindle speed
Air Cooled 30,000 rpm
  Oil Cooled (Optional) 60,000 rpm
ATC Standard 6 tools
  Optional 9 tools
  Speed 30 rpm
Coolant Capacity 50 litre
Machining Envelope Rectangular 100 x 100 x 28 mm
  Discs 98.3Ø mm
Physical Size
(W x H x L)
Machine 640 x 742 x 830 mm
  Installation Space 700 x 1,200 x 830 mm
Weight Net 234 kg
  Gross (for freight) 300 kg
Power Max. Power Consumption 4.8 / 24.4 kw/a
  Av. Power Consumption 2.4 / 12.5 kw/a
  Power Supply 220 – 240, 50/60 V, Hz
Software (options) Tool Management    
  Look Ahead Function