Machining of Dental Custom Abutments from pre-machined titanium blanks

DTS demonstrated a new application on the DTS VersaMILL 5x at the South China Dental Show, in Guangzhou in March. This new application is an innovative way to manufacture Custom Abutments, milled from a bar of Medical Grade 5 Titanium.

The live demonstration showed 4 axis milling of the parts, starting with Pre-machined Titanium blanks. These blanks come with the implant interface premachined, to ensure an excellent fit in the implant.



The custom abutments were scanned on Delcam's Dentscan scanner and designed using DentCAD, before being programmed for 4 axis milling with DentMILL. A special Jig has been designed for the VersaMILL to enable the workpiece to be quickly clamped to the machine's fixture.

Custom Abutment Custom Abutment Custom Abutment